Pain Relief Enhanced By Relaxation

September 27, 2016

Pain Relief Enhanced By Relaxation

Back to nature for pain relief

Seeking relief from nature can take on many forms. According to an article from BBC News, distracting patients with images and sounds from nature has proved to be very effective in controlling pain during certain surgical procedures.  The team at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions reports that pain control was improved by around 43%.  

Dr Noah Lechtzin, a post doctorate fellow at Hopkins emphasized that sight and sound distraction therapy is not a substitute for pain medication, but a way to enhance pain control.

Distraction therapy is used by the Input Pain Management Unit at London's St Thomas's hospital. The unit treats people with chronic pain and teaches them how to manage it.

Administrator Gill Hancock said: "We teach our patients relaxation techniques, being music and pictures. It is a fundamental part of our work. "Visual stimulation has been proved to help to relax them and physically relaxing your body reduces tension, which creates pain."

When relaxation alone isn't enough, try our CBD Advanced Topical Pain Relief. At Sanare Smart, we use the finest ingredients available from nature to create our products.  Our line of advanced topical lotions, high in CBD (Cannabidiol) are formulated to soothe and relieve pain.  These time-tested, natural therapies are enhanced by the addition of high quality cannabis extract to intensify the pain relief.  To create and utilize the benefits of the "entourage effect", we also include carefully selected essential oils in order to provide a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our goal is to become the leading source of the highest quality topical CBD products available that will consistently provide the best possible relief using natural ingredients.  Our partner in pain relief is nature itself!

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